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Hello Nonnavita, Great soaps that smell great, great quality and they last wife really likes them!  Thank you and God bless you all!
Sisters, you have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to support you by purchasing your soaps!  They are amazing producs, the refreshing and natural feeling they give to my skin is nothing you can buy at the store!  I just purchased 5 more to keep trying them all!  It's also refreshing to know my money is going to a good cause and that your prayers are always behind each bar!  I grew up visiting the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament on occasion as a kid I remember how happy I was when I could spot one of the sisters out and about.  I'm thrilled to know you are branching out and will pray that your monastery is built soon!  God bless you always and please pray for me!
Sisters, your soaps are all great, but Blood Orange & Bergamot is my very Favorite soap! - Marie from San Antonio
Very Good Soap!  I love it! - Robin
It's fantastic!  I'll be ordering soon! - Diana
I just ordered my Fall supply of your awesome soaps online!  Maybe these soaps will keep my 3 kids clean in mind and soul. - Kelly from Maryland
Love the soap! - Amber
Good morning Sisters!
Saw the news segment.  Drove across "creation" (I live in South San Antonio).  Returned home with a variety of the soaps.  Shared with family and friends.  We all love our choices!  I especially love that I don't need lotion after using the soap!
But I just had to share with you that I had an extra soap bar I decided to save for whatever or whoever in the future.
Well it was time to give "Chewie" a bath and discovered that the dog shampoo had been left within his reach from the last shower and needless to say the cap was nowhere and the shampoo was all gone.  I figured Chewie was a good enough puppy dog (he is almost a year) for a real good soap.  Chewie loves it too!  He did not itch afterward like he did with the dog soap and his coat looks great.  I used Mountain Mint!
Thank you.  Let us know when the next sale will be.  - Yolanda from South Texas
We love your soap!  We have sensitive skin here and we like the basic ingredients you use.  We like Blood Orange & Bergamot, Mountain Mint, and Lavender!  God bless all of you and your business. - Dawn
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